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shot by @arthur_zwartjes


Arezki is an Algerian/Belgian 20 year old artist.  Blending clout rap with folk and country to create music with a cozy feeling and deep message.

Latest releases

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Introducing "Happier With Pills"

Real, Raw music reflecting the impact of an autoimmune illness on the artist’s life. In this album, Arezki shares the honest story of dealing with chronic pain and how it led to relying on opioid painkillers.

As the album unfolds, Arezki’s story takes a turn toward hope and manifesting success. The later tracks reveal a shift away from the reliance on opioids, showcasing a newfound confidence. Arezki has moved beyond the walls of addiction, exploring alternative ways of aid and a journey towards managing pain without the hand of opioids.

Celebrate the release of “Happier With Pills” as Arezki shares his experience, inviting listeners to connect with the human venture of fighting chronic pain and habits that ruin lives. The music is an audible movie for those who find themselves battling and rising above challenges, offering an album of hope for those facing parallel realities.

shot by @arthur_zwartjes