Love First

IZ’s music is not only a reflection of his passion for rap and music production, but also his own personal experiences and struggles. His EP, “First Love,” which was released on Valentine’s Day, is a testament to this. All the songs on the EP are about finding love and sharing it with a partner.

Waste Of Time

“Waste of Time” is the latest single released by OUZI, a rising talent in the Roeselare drill scene. This hard-hitting drill rap song showcases OUZI’s unique lyrical style and his ability to captivate listeners with his impressive flow and catchy beats.

Codeine Love

This compelling track explores the complex relationship between addiction and love, as the artist struggles with his dependence on codeine. With soulful vocals and an addictive melody, takes you on an emotional rollercoaster as the artist grapples with his inner demons and the pull of his new love interest.

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